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Cable Network Publicist Introduces Global Hub for Unsigned Talent

Cable Network Publicist Introduces Global Hub for Unsigned Talent

New York City — August 3rd, 2018 — Indie musicians, Painters, Sculptors, and other unsigned artist often struggle to find the support they need to take their music and artistry to the next level. One entrepreneur hopes to change that with a new platform designed to serve unsigned artists.

Totally Unsigned, founded by cable network publicist and entrepreneur Thomas Mouscardy, helps artists of all types market themselves by delivering creations directly to fans on top music sites like Users can also hire a PR team to promote their art nationally and regionally via radio stations and popular websites.

“Totally Unsigned was born out of my desire to help my favorite local and indie artists find managers and take their work to the next level,” Mouscardy said. “At TotallyUnsigned, we’re building the future of artistic social networking.”

Totally Unsigned isn’t just for musicians. The site can also provide resources and connections for visual and performing artists, actors, and even unsigned athletes.

“The world of arts and entertainment can be hard for newcomers to navigate,” Mouscardy said. “We want to give a leg up to emerging artists and help them gain the smarts necessary, along with the connections, to avoid scams and get signed.”

All Artists and athletes interested in participating can sign up at Anyone who joins will immediately access resources including a free website and promotion package designed to allow members to showcase their art, promote upcoming gigs, and more. They can also access mentors and grow their fan base.

“Sign up at TotallyUnsigned and express your artistry,” Mouscardy said. “If you’re a music fan, make a donation and discover the best up-and-coming artists and athletes out there. You can help push forward the unsigned artist movement.”

Prior to founding Totally Unsigned, Mouscardy founded Casa Bonita Music. He has worked as a publicist for multiple cable networks as well as in the music industry.